Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Waiting Game

My Stats

Weight-248.4 lb
BMI-43.7 (by my scale)

Days w/o Bread=22

Between work and this IUI cycle it has been a crazy two weeks. I did the Follistim and Ganirellix again on CD 8. I did my HCG trigger shot on the following day. (Monday, CD 9). Tuesday was a day of rest. Then last Wednesday (CD 9) it was the two hour drive to the fertility clinic for IUI#4. It went pretty well. We had to be there by 7:20am, so that XY could make his deposit. About an hour and a half later it was my turn. This time the procedure was done by one of the nurses, but I like her a lot and I didn't even feel it when she inserted the catheter. XY's count was 193,000,000 swimmers so unless someone pipes up and tells me that sucks, I'm pretty happy with that amount. Of course, it was the usual "only 10 minute" wait till I could put my legs down and head home. (We milked it for an extra 5 minutes though-just to make me feel better.) Is it just me or does every other gal out there hate the thought of having a plastic bag covered sponge stuck up their cooch for 4 hours after the procedure. Granted it doesn't hurt and if they do it right, you can't feel it, but not exactly a highlight on my "to do" list.

Well, afterwards XY was sweet enough to offer up the caveats of lunch at a nice restaurant and a trip to Borders. Strolling around Borders before the cramps start up (a given) for magazines and books to lay around and look at in bed later that afternoon is definitely a nice way to say "thanks for trying to get knocked up with my baby."

So, of course the final instructions were "have sex" tomorrow, then start up with the Prometrium 200mg supplements twice a day the day after that during the 2WW. That's where we're at-it's been a week of fun suppositories, but if it works...I'm all for it! That's it for now. Time to get back to concentrating on the season finale of "Lost". I will be so sad if they kill Charlie off and it is permanent!

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