Monday, June 25, 2007

Just a Quickie!

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Vacation Day #-5

This is just a quick note to say "I'm Still Here!". Really, I'm on vacation, but I haven't had any time to post to my blog in almost two weeks and I'm going through withdrawal.

Here's a quick update:
**IUI#4-failed miserably

**Next cycle started and from CD8 though CD 16 (except for cycle day 14), XY and I had sex every day (sometimes even twice a day) and I really hoped that even without the fertility drugs and another IUI we might actually conceive on our own for once.

**Went on June 14th for consult with RE to find out "what's the next step?" Was told next step is IVF-go directly to IVF. Great, trying not to cry in RE's office. Asking isn't there anything else we can try, a different type of drug? NOPE-"IVF, but I'll put you on our "board"/waiting list right away, as the earliest we can fit you in is 3 months. Oh, and that's only if you have paid us in full for the procedure first." (Approximately $11K)

**Weird,early spotting on CD20,21,22

That's my quick infertility/cycle update. When I get back from vacation, I need to call the infertility cost lender that my RE's office recommended to try and get a loan for the IVF procedure which will hopefully happen in September since my insurance might cover the fertility drugs, but DOES NOT cover the actual IVF w/ICSI procedure.

As for the vacation, we are now in New York (state not the city). It took us 3 days of traveling through a lot of rain and possible tornado clouds to get here, but it finally feels like our vacation has really started. We stopped in Pennsylvania to visit some relatives, then headed up to New York and have now spent some time with more relatives and friends. It's been nice, but short. A lot packed into a three day stop and we definitely can't fit everyone in that we want to see, which really puts a damper on part of the vacation stop, but there is only so much you can do or so many people you can see in three days.

We leave tomorrow for an overnight stay in Boston, Massachusetts for a "RUSH" (greatest rock band ever-per XY) concert, then on to our nine day stay in Maine. I am so looking forward to all the seafood we will eat over the next week-YUM.

Well, I probably won't have computer access after tomorrow, so I won't be able to post again till we get back from our vacation. Hope everyone else is having a nice, relaxing summer trying to keep cool in this heat wave we seem to be having! Summer seems to finally have arrived! Now time for some relaxing!

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