Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sydney Bristow is Still My Hero!

Jennifer Garner is pregnant again! She is one of my favorite actresses, fit, no nonsense, great with her daughter, and honest about her pregnancy issues (exercise, breastfeeding, etc.). I think she is an awesome role model, even if she doesn't suffer from any infertility issues. I have always liked her work and loved her as Sydney Bristow in "Alias". She is an inspiration to have a healthy pregnancy.

So, while I am still not pregnant some things have been occurring. I lost 20 pounds in the last month. I've been cutting back on my portions and being more conscience of my eating habits. I joined a gym with a pool and have started swimming laps again. I've started actually using my treadmill again (while watching episodes of "Alias"). Things have been very positive lately and I can't really say the reason out loud, but recent events have just made me happier; have made me want to take better care of myself and try to focus back on trying to have a baby! It's time to stop feeling so depressed and discouraged and really do something about it.

On that note, after talking to a few friends, I decided to get a second opinion. Another RE was highly recommended by two people I know who had positive results from her (twins both times) and so I made a point to schedule a consultation with her. Of course she is booked solid till March, but I have heard she gets better results than my last doctor and it doesn't hurt to get a second opinion. Plus if the only solution really is IVF, that gives me 6 months to come up with the money for it. I'm not happy that by the time I see this woman I will be 39, but that also means that time is hitting a critical running out stage and maybe this is a sign that I need to be more proactive with all this and not get bogged down on all the disappointments.

In the meantime, one of my best friends is almost due to have her 5th child and while I am slightly jealous, I can't wait to be an auntie again! Well, things are looking a little brighter in my thoughts at least, so hopefully I can keep these positive thoughts going and concentrate on getting ready for this consultation in March.

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Pamplemousse said...

The depression can be so insidious so good on ya for getting to grips with it and planning again. Thanks for stopping by my blog and keep up the treadmill!