Friday, September 5, 2008

Time for a Change's been forever since I've had time to post here or even wanted to post here. This past year at work was hellish, but I survived and now my outlook is a little different on things. I've missed writing, but an infertility blog is not much if you don't have much to write about! Still no baby and not enough money set aside to pay for bummer if I think about it.

In the meantime, I'm thinking about making some changes to this blog. I still want it to be an infertility blog, but I think I want it to be more. I've actually finally started getting into exercising (more on that in another post) and I've lost 15 pounds, but I'm not sure if I want to keep the name of this blog. Sometimes I think it limits what I can talk about here. I actually have another name in mind and I'm really debating whether I should make the switch and truly re-start this blog. I don't want it to go away, but I want more motivation to keep posting to it and I do hope I could get some constructive/positive feedback that will help support my struggle with my emotions over my infertility and my life. Maybe I am being a bit narcassitic, but while I want the anonymity of a blog to vent my frustrations and explore things in my life that I can't or don't want to share with my friends or family, I do want to know that someone out there is listening to me and gets the things I worry about, especially pertaining to this horrid thing called "infertility".

So, please bare with me and give me a few might come back to a slightly revamped blog with a new name and added blogging flavor on the incites in my infertility and how it effects my life.

Thanks for being patient and being there for me, those of you who have actually been reading this blog. Back soon, I promise.

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Lea said...

I just found your blog and wanted to say hello. Congratulations on sticking with exercising and losing 15 pounds! I am a fellow overweight infertile, so I am familiar with the hardships and guilt it can bring. I definitely "get" what you're going through.
I just wanted to let you know I'm reading and supporting you!