Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Wake Up Call???

Sorry it took so long to post again. I have not been feeling good all week. Ever since that event on Friday and subsequent trip to the hospital on Saturday, I just haven't been myself. I've had aches and pains in my arm, back, and chest. My throat has felt tight. I've had some episodes of lightheadedness. I did make an appointment with my regular GP for tomorrow. I'm leaving for a weekend trip to NY on Friday and I want a little peace of mind before I go. I know, why wait so long, but that was the earliest I could get in with my work schedule and my GP's work schedule.

Maybe I pulled a muscle doing yoga last week? (I've had bones clicking and that could cause nerve stuff right?) I hate that I sound so paranoid. My significant other carefully broached the subject of "depression" as a possible cause. [My family has a history of depression.] I'm not ruling it out as a cause-wouldn't you be depressed if you wanted a baby and were going through infertility treatments that still are not working!? (I have no idea if there are any anti-depressants that I could take while doing infertility treatments. I don't want to mess this up or have my RE think I'm not a good candidate to work with anymore.) One minute I feel better, the next worse and each day this week it's been different/mixed symptoms. I'm just hoping it isn't anything so serious that I have to cancel my girls' weekend with one of my oldest and closest friends! That would total bum me out!

I have been looking forward to this trip/break for awhile. I need to get away from the stress of my job. I'm coming up on a critical time in the office and having a mini-break before should help center me for the big projects coming up over the next several weeks. The only thing I am a bit nervous about is my cycle. I should be coming up on a new cycle and if it doesn't start until the weekend, then I don't know how this month will play out. I really won't have time (and will be a bundle of nerves) in May because of all these work project deadlines. So April is my big hope for another round of fertility drugs. My only hope is that because it is Easter weekend my RE will be busy with the holidays so if I can't get in till Tuesday (even if it isn't Cycle Day 1) things will still be okay. I could go on in-depth about work insurance for IUI/IVF versus no work but more time for GP appointments, but "Medium" is coming on and it is one of my favorite show. Plus I have to work on packing for my trip, instead of waiting till the last minute like I usually do. Next post hopefully a bit more explanation on why I chose "My Infertility Triathlon" for my blog name. Oops..."Medium" is starting!

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