Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Pass Me the Drugs...Fertility That Is

My Stats


Days w/o Bread-7

Cysts-Big Fat Whopping Zero-Yahoo!
Fertility Drugs-Follistim 225 units tonight, W, & TH
Other/more Fertility Drug Helpers-prenatal vitamin, vitamin C, Metformin (2x a day), and a "small" shot of insulin right at bedtime.

I am so psyched. Progress is finally being made on all fronts. I went to the OB/GYN office this morning for my baseline ultrasound (u/s) and the tech informed me that she didn't see any cysts! First time in 6 months. (Well I'm not sure about December or February since I just couldn't face doing an IUI procedure either of those months.) I guess the low estrogen BCP my RE had me on this last month did the job. I spent the whole month feeling weird about taking those pills. (I think it's strange taking BCP when you are actually trying to "get" pregnant, not "prevent" pregnancy. My family history also now includes immediate family members who have had blood clots, so that is another freak out factor regarding the pill.) I know all these other fertility drugs (and the weight) can increase my chances for clots, but I really try not to think about that. Either way it looks like the BCP worked, so it was worth the worry. I just had to wait for my RE's office to call regarding the faxed results for a definite confirmation and I got it. No cyst, start the fertility drugs tonight.

I'm starting out with Follistim 225 units for the first three nights. This is typical from the last 3 IUI's I went through. It's reassuring to have the routine down, but the fact that the last three attempts failed does make me wonder if this combination of drugs is really working for me. The job is to induce my ovaries to produce healthy follicles, but at IUI#3 the nurse admitted that they do the procedure after the trigger shot assuming at least one mature egg will roll down the shoot, but they can't actually guarantee that it will happen. No real way to prove that I've actually ovulated. It's just a hope that I did and that XY's catheter inserted sperm will be strong enough and healthy enough to find that minuscule egg and fertilize it.

Either way, I am so excited to finally have cyst free ovaries so that we can try another round of IUI. I took my first shot (LOVE the ease of the Follistim pen) at 9pm tonight and aside from a little cramping (which never happened before with the Follistim) so far so good.

Other positive news: I haven't had any bread in a week and I've already lost 5 pounds. Now I know it's early in the race, but considering I haven't done any extra exercising I think it's a good sign that I'm down 5 whole pounds which brings my BMI down about a whole point! I know in the future I can't expect such quick results every week, but 5 lbs + 0 cysts = a good sign.

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